Attractions in the area

Tourist attractions in Wisla offer tourists a wide range of leisure activities, which makes our guests coming to us can count on a varied and fun-filled stay.

Numerous tourist attractions related to both the history and culture of our city await our guests in Wisla. We have listed the most important ones below.

Castle of the President of the Republic of Poland
The castle was built in 1929-1931 for the then president – Ignacy Moscicki. It is located near the slope of Zadni Groń and the confluence of the Czarna and Biała Wiselka streams. It is formed by a historic complex including the castle, a wooden Alpine-style chapel built in 1909, as well as the Lower Castle and Grove House. This historic residence of the President of the Republic of Poland was built on the site of the former seat of the Habsburg family. In 2002, renovation work began on the castle. Today it is one of the most visited tourist sites in Wisla.

Ski Museum
The museum has more than 80 exhibits dating back as far as the late 19th century. The collection also includes Adam Malysz’s skis, snow walking racquets and other ski equipment. Admission to this remarkable museum is free.

Habsburg Hunting Palace
Its construction began in 1897 and was completed a year later. Initially it was located in the Przysłop glade and was used by the Habsburg family for hunting. During World War I it was a venue for political meetings. Since 1923, the building has served as a tourist hostel. The layout of the rooms remained unchanged. The palace was built of wooden logs, and its distinctive feature is the viewing gallery that runs around it. Since it was moved to the city center in 1986, it has been the headquarters of the Vistula branch of PTTK.

Adam Małysz ski jumping hill
It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Wisla. It was built in 1933. The basic material used to create it was wood. Over time, it successively underwent further modernizations. Since the late 1950s, numerous competitions were held there, including international competitions for the Beskid Cup. The first record jump was made at a distance of 41 meters. In 2001, the ski jumping hill structure was demolished, and a modern ski facility was created in its place. Modernization continued until 2008. As a token of appreciation for the merits, the hill was named after Adam Malysz. The hill is open all year round, and a chairlift allows tourists to get to its tower, making the facility an excellent vantage point.

Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross
It is a wooden and reinforced concrete church built between 1981 and 1983 on the basis of relocated elements of a temple built in 1575, which collapsed in 1969. Today there is a more than 30-meter-high historic pillar tower next to the structure. The temple is located on the Trail of Wooden Architecture. Interestingly, the church is entered from the side of the altar.

Gallery of sports trophies of Adam Malysz
The gallery contains Adam Malysz’s private collection of awards. On display are Olympic and world championship medals, crystal balls won in the World Cup, ski equipment and other competition-related memorabilia.

Beskydy Museum
It is located on the Wisla market square. In several rooms you can see exhibitions related to the life of Silesian highlanders – objects of daily use, costumes, interior decorations. Temporary exhibitions are also held here. The building housing the museum dates back to the 18th century and originally housed an inn.

The place is called Bogumil Hoff Square. It was created in the 1920s, while construction of two frontages began a few years later. The square includes the Avenue of Sports Stars and the Spa House, where tourists can see a sculpture of Adam Malysz made of white chocolate. In addition, the square is a place that brings together local artists, eateries and, combined with other streets, creates an extremely picturesque promenade.

The Vistula Train
Throughout the year, tourists can admire the corners of the Vistula River from the deck of two trains, whose route can also be arranged individually for visitors. The train carriages are heated, and a brief history of each monument can be heard as they pass by.

Rhoda Cascades
Tourist attractions in Wisla are not only buildings, but also unusual places associated with nature. The Rodło Cascades is a set of natural water rapids, located in the Biała Wisłka Valley. The name was created to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Union of Poles in Germany, which chose the rhodło showing the course of the Vistula River as the symbol of its organization to show the unity of the Polish lands. Tourists can observe erosion basins and natural monuments here. The height of the waterfalls ranges from 0.5 to 5 meters.

What attracts tourists to this place is its romantic aura. It is located near Chernyansky Lake, and its height is as high as 8 meters. The waterfall is an artificial creation, created in the middle of the 20th century. You can often admire the migration of fish in it.

Sleigh rides
Both in summer and winter tourists can spend their free time participating in sleigh rides, which pass through the most beautiful places in Wisla. The attractiveness of sleigh rides is influenced by the fact that it is a great opportunity to meet with highlander culture and cuisine, since sleigh rides usually end with a bonfire to the sounds of a highlander band.

Ski lifts
Wisla is an excellent place for winter sports enthusiasts. There are several ski lifts with varied routes. Thanks to this, everyone, regardless of their skills, can spend unforgettable moments on the slopes. Ski lifts:

  • Ski Resort Stozek
  • Cieńków Ski Station
  • Ski Station Nowa Osada
  • Soszów Ski Station

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